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What People Say . . .

Lesley is outstanding. A real professional. This is my experience:

Some of us venture into the sphere of counselling with some trepidation. I was one of those. However, the secret here is to ensure you have found the most suitable individual for the job because the interaction between you both will make the difference between an ‘OK’ session and one that leaves you feeling positive and energetic. Lesley has a highly professional approach and one that differs from the tradition of “lay on the sofa and tell me all about it”. Instead, it was interactive, with questions and comment, along with the gentle probing for information and self-analysis. Lesley uses creative techniques to help within the session, for example: “draw me a picture of how you feel”. Initially I thought this strange, but it was actually very smart indeed. Unquestionably, Lesley is highly skilled in her ability to make you think about yourself in areas that were previously uncharted. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lesley – I am sure she will leave you wanting more. I look forward to follow-up sesions!

Europe Sales Leader, ECM & Capture at IBM