I’m passionate about improving communication, what about you?

Sitting on a train on my way to a Mumpreneur’s networking event at the Houses of Parliament, I began to reflect on a ‘Clean Language’ workshop that I had recently delivered to 11 business people, all of whom were involved in the world of coaching, training and organisational development.  I found myself thinking about the power of this amazing aid to communication that is called ‘Clean Language’ and how it can help everyone in all walks of life, not just business.  Lets get one thing quite clear straight away, ‘Clean Language’ has nothing to do with not swearing!  It is about asking straight forward questions (though they can sometimes be perceived as a bit whacky!!).

You see we all need to communicate effectively on a daily basis in both our business and personal lives with the people around us, and using ‘Clean Language’ can so easily enhance that communication without a great deal of effort or learning.  The people that were at the workshop, most of whom had not encountered ‘Clean’ before, were able after just a short explanation and demonstration to use the model between themselves, they were able to ask the ‘Clean questions’ to gather information and test their assumptions, they could immediately see how ‘Clean’  could be used in many business settings; eg. sales, recruitment, estate agency, coaching, organisational development, finance, the health & wellbeing industry, education & learning etc. etc. – the list is endless because ‘Clean’ can be used in any circumstance where people have to communicate with each other.

Within  the workshop we did some experiential learning on how to improve meetings, any meetings – whether they be team meetings, board meetings, sales meetings, client meetings, 1:1s or family discussions, the group could quickly see how, by using some ‘Clean Language’ questions they could improve their communications, enabling everyone involved to feel really listened to and included.  If I were to show you 3 simple questions that would improve all your meetings would you be interested?

The workshop participants also discovered just how differently everyone thinks and perceives visual, auditory and sensory messages, which led them to having a greater understanding of how the assumptions that we make in every day life can lead to costly misunderstandings.  Just because we are speaking the same language it doesn’t necessarily follow that we mean or understand the same thing.  Yes, if a waiter asks you for your order, you can be pretty sure that he’s asking what you would like to eat, but if someone is talking about being at ‘tipping point’ they could be on the verge of a great breakthrough or on the verge of a breakdown, how would you know?  You could ask ‘what kind of tipping point is that tipping point?’ And then you’d be sure.

I’m passionate about bringing this amazing communication, facilitation and coaching tool into people’s awareness, if I’ve whetted your appetite and you’d like to know more about how learning some ‘Clean Language’ questions and techniques could improve your communications and help you in your business or personal life, give me a call or drop me an email. or 07958216533

Clean language was developed by Counselling Psychologist David Grove in the 1980s