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For Couples and Families

Family Consultancy

As a Family Consultant/Coach and affiliate member of Resolution, I work hard to provide impartial emotional and practical support for individuals, couples and families during separation and divorce.  I provide short term guidance and support through a family transition. I will work with you individually or together to help you find your way through the personal, emotional and practical issues that surround the break up of a relationship, separation and divorce.

As a Resolution trained Family Consultant I am able to be part of the Collaborative Law process, working alongside you and your solicitors to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome for you and your family.

I am a member of the Three Counties Family Law Group, a group of Family Lawyers and Counsellors facilitating the Collaborative Law process.  More information is available on the Three Counties Family Law Group website –

Family facilitation

After working for two years as a family group conference coordinator for a leading Southampton charity, I also offer bespoke family packages to families who need a little help to re-ignite their communication channels and promote family harmony.

If you are struggling to engage with ‘troubled teens’, a family group session is a great way to enable all members to feel listened to and truly heard. By using high quality listening, questioning and modelling techniques I enable families to acknowledge what is working well for them, unravel what is holding them back and gain greater understanding of themselves (and others).

When working with families I work with:

  • their agenda
  • their desired outcome
  • their internal resources

The family is encouraged to :

  • be inclusive of all members
  • listen without interruption to what each member has to say
  • give time and space to think about what is being said
  • communicate more effectively
  • be supportive of each other

When working with families I like to:

  • facilitate them to achieve the changes they want
  • be curious about what makes them tick
  • know what’s important to them
  • step into their world

Please contact Lesley now on 07958 216533  or email now for more information.