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Personal Development Coaching

I believe that ‘Coaching’ enables people to discover their strengths, concentrate on areas for development and learn from their mistakes. It also motivates them to move forward, owning responsibility for the setting of new goals and deciding on action points.

I offer Personal Development Coaching to individuals, business owners and teams within organisations.  I work with people to recognise their strengths, take a look at what is working well for them, and then help them to identify any areas that need to change or be adjusted in either their business or personal lives.

My style of coaching delivers results because of the supportive nature of the relationship I foster with my clients; combined with my own experience and ability to link personal coaching to business objectives.

My clients achieve new levels of performance, acquire new knowledge and reach their goals –not because I have told them what or how to do this, but because they have found the answers within themselves (stimulated by me of course!)

I am Institute of Leadership and Management qualified and have recently been awarded an A1 Influential Businesswoman Award as the Best Female Personal Development Coach – West Sussex (April 2016)


Time to Think

Being in business can be quite an isolated, lonely place, you don’t always have someone to brainstorm ideas with, or help you to think through problems. You may not want to involve staff or worry family and friends.

Time to Think is an innovative new group coaching facillity, it offers the small business owner an opportunity to spend a couple of hours a month working ‘on themselves and their business’ rather than ‘in the business’.  These small groups are facilitated by me, they give the participants a forum to do just what it says in the title, think through business ideas and problems, gain new perspectives and enjoy the support of their peers in finding solutions.

If you would like more information about how to join a Time to Think group email me now on or call me on 0795 8216 533.