Life is all about change

Life is all about change, throughout our lives we have to manage many transitions, perhaps that might be changing career, becoming a parent, managing work/life balance, the end of a relationship, coping with redundancy or retirement, juggling childcare/work, the care of elderly relatives, bereavement, or setting yourself goals and developing strategies to achieve them. I […]

The Stress Buster

Stress management is about self management. Stress is a much used word these days, people talk about feeling stressed, under stress, stressed out. But what is stress?? I think of stress as a feeling of overwhelm, a feeling of being unable to cope.  I often use the metaphor of a ball made up of lots […]

I’m passionate about improving communication, what about you?

Sitting on a train on my way to a Mumpreneur’s networking event at the Houses of Parliament, I began to reflect on a ‘Clean Language’ workshop that I had recently delivered to 11 business people, all of whom were involved in the world of coaching, training and organisational development.  I found myself thinking about the power of this amazing aid to […]

Are you worrying too much?

I read an article recently that said that worrying was like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but achieves nothing! At a recent networking meeting I asked for a show of hands as to who worried on a daily basis, most people put their hands up, which is fine – worrying is […]