Life is all about change

Life is all about change, throughout our lives we have to manage many transitions, perhaps that might be changing career, becoming a parent, managing work/life balance, the end of a relationship, coping with redundancy or retirement, juggling childcare/work, the care of elderly relatives, bereavement, or setting yourself goals and developing strategies to achieve them.

I work with people to acknowledge the skills they have and harness their strengths, enabling and empowering them to focus on what they really want to have happen.

To give clients a way of focussing on how they might cope with the changes that are coming their way, I sometimes use the acronym LEAP; what do they need to let go of, what do they need to end, what adjustments do they need to make, and what will be the positives that come from the change.

Daytime and evening appointments are available at my Selsey and Chichester consulting rooms, if you’re experiencing a transition that you are struggling with at the moment, give me a call 07958216533 or email and take the first step towards getting to where you want to be.